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What if I told you that marketing is only half the solution…and that without passion…your business doesn’t stand a chance…would you believe me?

You'd better...because it’s true!

Passion plays a valuable role in how your business profits.
To illustrate how powerful passion can be to your business, let me paint you a scenario...

Imagine if you will…you’re a suped-up shiny sportscar (okay, sure a Ferrari) that can go zero to sixty in 3.2 seconds. WOW, that’s fast.

Well, now imagine that same Ferrari is now your business…and instead of gasoline to fuel it…you need passion.

Passion is the fuel, baby!
The more passion, the faster we can go
The more powerful we are!

There are no roads that we can’t tackle and no mountains we can’t conquer when we are fueled by passion.

Now, imagine what would happen to your shiny Ferrari (er, I mean your business) if you stop fueling it with passion.


Yep, when that passion stops fueling our business, it’s like a speeding car (our Ferrari) hitting a brick wall. Sixty to zero in 0.0 seconds. Deceleration trauma!

It can have a lasting impact on how we continue, if we do, in our business.

The economy only plays a minor part of your sales. It’s so minor that most people that lose sight of their passion will instinctively blame something else (like the economy).

In reality, a business will die if the passion to run it is gone.

Meet the grumpy, leave-me-the-heck-alone, non-passionate person that doesn’t care about his business or the people he serves, and you have to wonder why this type of company is still open, or why people continue to go there.

I’ve met people like that!

Have you ever met someone that just ooozes with passion? They have enough passion to fuel 5 Ferrari’s (I mean businesses). They make you feel excited about what it is they do. You want to be part of it. There is nothing they can’t do or accomplish… they seem to have success after success.

I’ve met people like that too!

I would rather be the one filled with passion! I’m sure you would too!

So, if you want your business to be that Ferrari…well you need to fuel it with high-octane pure passion. 

My friend, that's exactly what I share with you every month. Ways to keep your Ferrari (I mean business) running it's best. I help you keep your passion fueled and enriched so that you can turbo-boost over every obstacle and clear those roadblocks with ease.

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Your passion needs to be fueled. Remember it's the fuel baby!

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For less than 30 cents every day you can pump pure passion driven expertise into your head, instead of the caffeine induced, gallstone creating, rockgut sludge you put into your body.

So what are you waiting for? 


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Joe Sugarman
Creator of BluBlockers, 
author, speaker & copywriting genius.

David Kekich
CEO of Maximum Life Foundation

Barbara Hemphill 
Author of "Kiplinger's Taming the Paper Tiger"

Pamela Yellen
Author of "Bank on Yourself"

Steve Sipress
Chicago's Business Rainmaker

Ken Glickman
Speaker, author, consultant & creator of    I-Power

Lisa Manyon
Press release & publicity princess

Ivan Turner 
Foremost expert on consulting to the restoration field

Charlie McDermott
Outrageous Marketer of the Year & President of Stand Out Video & Marketing

Chris Voss
 Social Media Guru & Creator of the

Scott Linde
Foremost expert in the pest control field

David Gruttaduario
Newsletter Expert & Creator of Exceptional Living Magazine

Diane Conklin
Author, coach, event planner, speaker & copywriter

Gerry Oginski
Medical Malpractice Trial Attorney & Video Guru
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